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for Business or Private events

Are you organising a get together?

Whether it's an office meeting, workshop or just celebrating with friends at your house, we'll be happy to cook and deliver a Taste of the Med at your event. We have put together an exciting and flexible menu to choose from - buffet or individual portions for 5 and up to 20 persons.

Your food will be prepared fresh on the day and since we use all the ingredients from our Deli, you can even pop in the shop and have a taste before ordering.

We use recycled cutlery and packaging which is disposable so you don't have to worry about storing anything for collection after the event.

A choice of dishes include homemade Meatballs and Lasagne bites cooked with local grass-fed meat, Greek pita, Gyros with Tzatziki dip, Greek & Italian Pasta salads and Italian Cheese & Cold cuts.

We also have a Vegan range with Meatless balls, roasted Veggies, vegan aubergine dips, Kalamata olives and more.

We look forward to cooking for you soon :)

Now let's start cooking

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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