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Greek Gyros Wraps

INGREDIENTS 3 x wraps.

330gr frozen Gyros (from £5.95/330gr from our Shop)

3 - 6 traditional Greek pitas (£3.95/10pack from our Shop)

190gr Mediterraneo Tzatziki sauce (£3.50/190gr from our Shop)

2 vine tomatoes

1 red onion

Bunch of fresh parsley

Olive oil

Smoked parpika spice

Grease proof wrapping paper (optional - available on request, please call)

Chunky chips (optional)


Step one :

Pita: Defrost in the fridge overnight (or carefully in the oven). Brush the pitas lightly with olive oil and heat them in a grill toaster or frying pan until they become soft and bendy.

Gyros: Follow the instructions on the pack to heat the pre-cooked meat.

Salad: Chop a red onion (cross-cut) with parsley. Slice the tomatoes.

Step two:

To make a wrap, hold the pita over a piece of greaseproof paper.

Spead one full tablespoon of tzatziki sauce evenly.

Add 5 slices of tomato (or to taste) and some chopped onion & parsley

Add 3-4 chunky chips if you want.

Add approximately 110gr (1/3 of the small pack) of meat.

Sprinkle smoked paprika.

Bring the bottom ends of the pita together (from left to right) and wrap clock-wise.

Don't be disappointed, it takes practice :)

You can also enjoy the Gyros open or as a taco.

Serve with pita bread, tzatziki, chips, Greek salad

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